I want my father and my brother back says Prince

“I want my father and my brother back,” says Prince Harry

Amid disagreements in the royal family, Prince Harry, 38, said he wanted to reconnect with his father, King Charles III, 74, and his brother, Prince William, 40.

Harry made the statement in an interview with ITV journalist Tom Bradby. The talk will be broadcast in England on January 8th.

On the same day, CNN’s “60 Minutes” aired an interview with journalist Anderson Cooper.

“I want my father back. I want my brother back.” After saying in the documentary Harry & Meghan (Netflix) that he’s moving on and accepting that he can’t reconcile with his family, Harry now says he would like to get back in a relationship with his father and brother would get in .

“It didn’t have to be like that.” The interview trailer highlights a few lines from Harry without showing the questions or context. In the video, Harry cites “leaks and planted stories,” saying that “they haven’t shown they want to reconcile” and that “they feel it’s better to keep us as villains.” He also says he wants a family, not an institution.

Harry reiterates that the royal family leaked private conversations to the press. He had previously made a similar allegation in the documentary and, in an interview with Cooper, again claims that Buckingham Palace leaked the talks to the press when he was trying to resolve his issues with the royals privately. So he dares to speak publicly about these issues.