“I want my life back”


Fedez publishes the lyrics of the song “It seen simple” in Instagram Stories, created with J-axe In 2013 and immediately – given the text and in light of the Ferragnez crisis – there is speculation on social media that it is a coded message for his wife Chiara Ferragni: “It always ends well, otherwise it's not over. They always told me that, but I don't believe it. And as much as time can heal a wound, I'm not dead yet and I already want my life back.” .”

Chiara spoke about the crisis After the Pandoro Gate, it was Ferragni herself who spoke about the crisis for the first time on a TV show: “Federico and I talk to each other, we are two adults who love each other, it's not like it comes from one person “We go from day to day.” we feel it more. It is a time of crisis, we have had some in the past, this is a slightly more severe crisis… now the children are the priority for both of us.”

Fedez's return to Rozzano In recent days Fedez returned to Rozzano, in the Milan hinterland, where he grew up and brings his children Leone and Vittoria with him, while Chiara Ferragni was busy on television with the first interview after the Pandoro goal and the post-marriage crisis. The rapper traced the streets of his city, filming every corner and publishing them in stories with the words “Back to the roots” and Paky's song “Rozzi” in the background. While the children happily run around between the suburban houses.