I was in your bed and you didnt want me

”I was in your bed and you didn’t want me”: Ida reproaches, Riccardo cries!

In the episode of Men and Women that airs today on Canale 5, a heated discussion erupts between Ida and Riccardo, he bursts into tears.

in the Follow men and womenaired on today channel 5a new one erupts heated discussion between Ida Platano and Riccardo Guarnieri. The two ex-boyfriends don’t send her to call the shots until the knight invades Claudia and there is a risk of a fight. Maria DeFilippi try to argue Riccardo, and make peace between the two once and for all. Here’s what happened in detail.

Men and women, Maria De Filippi exposes Riccardo Guarnieri

there Follow men and women begins with the story of Ida Platanowhich began visit the knights Giuseppe and Claudio. The latter, the lady from Brescia admitted, the relationship seemed more carnal and passionate precisely because of the Neapolitan’s fiery character, and Ida liked that very much. While the lady decides to keep dating the two for now, Maria De Filippi invites Riccardo Guarnieri at the center of the study. during the last episode, after Federica Aversano’s invitation for a coffee, Gemma Galgani was annoyed by the age difference joke made by Riccardo and addressed to the woman from Turin and her old flirtation with Nicola.

seeing the angry friend Platano got into a fight with her ex-boyfriend and a truly heated argument ensued. Ida accuses Riccardo never getting over their differences, despite the love she always showed him, and she was moved to admit they had always hoped to get back together. In the studio, the lady repeats that during the last issue she would have liked to have received a different type of message from Riccardo and that she feels much better after this conversation, which, according to the moderator, lasted a good 40 minutes and of which there is no trace. In the end, the speak both ex-boyfriends over and over again about the same problems that have accompanied this story for years.

He gets involved in the argument Claudio accuses Riccardo of being disrespectfulwhich makes him so angry that everyone in the studio fears that the Apulian knight wants to physically beat up his Neapolitan colleague. Maria enterstry to do Rest Guarnieri and points out that he is the first to make fun of everyone, especially those who date Ida, and that she agrees with them. The moderator after understanding that Riccardo suffers from the fact that his ex never publicly praised himand Ida lists what made her fall in love with him, which made the knight move. Finally, Riccardo and Ida dance together in the center of the study while Maria dances with Claudio, the knight insulted by Guarnieri.

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