I wear my scar with pride

“I wear my scar with pride”

The third episode of Ada and Chiqui De Show, a weekly program featuring two of the most successful and popular hosts on Hispanic television in the United States, is now available: Adamari Lopez And Chiqui baby.

Those who were colleagues on Today, a Telemundo show from which they both left, have combined their strengths and talents to bring their audience an interesting and real topic about life itself every week. Without filters, they tell their own experiences with a sense of humor as their flagship.

After two episodes with the ex-couples as protagonists, it was time to talk about something different but no less interesting: arrangements, secrets and operations, according to the title.

In this new episode, they chatted for half an hour about the changes they've made to their bodies and skin, the treatments they've had, and the things they'd never do.

Ada and Chiqui from the show.

Ada and Chiqui from the show

And in this lecture on the human body and beauty, Adamari spoke naturally and very specifically about her breast surgery. Something that wouldn't have been possible if she hadn't been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

With all the pride of having overcome this difficult period in her life, the presenter showed the scar that remained on her chest, a strip that reminds her of the beauty of life.

“Years later I removed the other breast… Both ended up having surgery. Today, after my operation, I still have a mole on this part of the breast and on the lower part. I bear the scar with great pride.” I think you saw it in the book. And then I also had my nipple done, which looked really good. After that, no one wants to undergo surgery again. The operations I had were on the breasts and I have no regrets because today I am alive and healthy, but it would have to be something very vital for me to go to an operating room and have an operation,” she said urgently.

She realizes that her stomach has been damaged by the significant weight loss and she now has sagging skin in the abdominal area. His intention was to take it away, but he chose not to. Adamari stood up and taught this part without any complexes.

“I would have liked to get this out, this is an excess of tissue between fat and pregnancy. I thought, 'I'm going to have surgery'. And then I said, 'Oh no,'” he joked.

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Both showed unapologetically that they are women of flesh and blood and urged their audience to love and pamper themselves a lot and to appreciate what is really important in life. Of course, health and well-being always come first.