"i will die soon" : Bernard Henri Lévy on the end of life, this age that scares him for a very specific reason Pure People

The film Slava Ukraini, directed by Bernard-Henri Lévy, hits dark theaters on February 22, 2023. After a preview, Christine Angot interviewed BHL in an interview published in Le Journal du dimanche on FEBRUARY 19. The intellectual trusted above all in his old age and the end of his life, which in his opinion is approaching.

BHL, Universal Ukrainian: This is the title of Christine Angot’s article published in Le Journal du dimanche on February 19, 2023. An author’s report on the film Slava Ukraini, directed by Bernard-Henri Lévy, scheduled for release in Dark Rooms on February 22nd. A documentary for which Arielle Dombasle’s husband went to meet the Ukrainians at the front to “find those whose actions show that you can still believe in them,” reports the journalist. “You are not afraid. You will win this war,” she quotes the man who is also the narrator for her film. “After I saw him, I called him,” she says. A phone call in which the man repeatedly campaigned against “the autocratic USSR” explained his actions to him. An interview in which Christine Angot portrayed her as “a hypersensitive man” also confided in the end of life. Indeed, the journalist notes that “in his way of saying goodbye to people whom he will no longer see but whom he filmed, a smile, the beautiful smile of that handsome man, him, the rich man” . A transcendent feeling of the “last time”… For good reason, BHL is certain of one thing, and that is that he’s about to die.

“I don’t have much longer”

“I’m going to die soon. It’s over. I’m 75. I don’t have much time left,” the columnist confided to his first viewer for Le Journal du dimanche. “No, well…” she tried. But for BHL, this is obvious given the age at which both of his parents died: “His father, just before filming his movie ‘With Arielle and Delon’ in Mexico, who he calls ‘my nemesis’, the revenge of the gods against the pride of those who have everything.” In the film, the former We Don’t Lie columnist notes that Bernard-Henri Lévy, who walked through Chernobyl, quotes Duras: “I saw nothing in Chernobyl, nothing survived. Life had no reasons for death. Nowhere is it written that life must endure'”. Words that seem to apply to BHL himself, so confident is he that his end of life has lasted long enough. For now, we can only wish the philosopher that he is wrong!

The preview of this documentary on February 6, 2023 at the Le Balzac cinema in Paris was attended by many politicians and VIPs and received a long standing ovation.