“I won’t be the cuckold anymore, says Deborah Secco about an open relationship with her husband

During her appearance on Carla Diaz's Diaz On podcast, actress Deborah Secco, 44, revealed details about her career, criticism and her marriage to Hugo Moura, 33. The couple have been together since 2015 and are parents to 8yearold Maria Flor.

During the conversation, Deborah says that she is a homebody and how she deals with criticism. “So the criticism is not about me, but about a Deborah who is so different from me and it does not affect me, because the person who criticizes me is criticizing someone who does not exist but is far from to exist. It’s a criticism that says much more about the person doing it than it does about me, because it’s a criticism of what you’re creating.”

“I'm not vulgar, sometimes I say things without thinking about them. My opinion about women's freedom is still a shock to a sexist society when I talk about open relationships, about monogamy, about sexual freedom, about pleasure. I look at the world with a look that tries to see a nonhypocritical truth, I try to see real people and real relationships,” he says.

The actress also talks about monogamy. “I find it difficult for men who have been monogamous for a long time, I find it difficult for people who have been monogamous for a long time. If you really think about 50 years together, I think that's almost impossible. I think men are designed to be nonmonogamous, society has created men to be studs, hot guys. Maybe they even want to be, but they were created not to be,” he commented.

Deborah, on the other hand, talks about arrangements and her relationship with her husband. “I won't be the stupid cuckold anymore, I don't want this place to myself. I am married to a man I love the most, my best friend, the father of my daughter, my partner, the man who knows everything about me, my worst and my best. I can’t lie to this guy, he can’t lie to me, I have to know everything about him and he has to know everything about me, we have to be honest.”

“So we have to accept that we live in a very difficult society, that interesting people appear at any moment, that I meet someone interesting and that I come home and we will talk about it or not,” a choice . But we will know that we experienced it. Maybe we don't talk case by case, maybe we have to make new regulations again and again over the course of our lives. My relationship is being arranged on a daily basis. Maybe at a time when we are fragile it is better to end the relationship because we can lose ourselves. Maybe in a time when we are strong we can have fun and sex be casual sex that doesn't interfere with our feelings for each other. “I don’t want him to lie to me,” he concludes.