1707979174 If you already know what Ines Hernand looks like why

If you already know what Inés Hernand looks like, why invite her? | TV

If you already know what Ines Hernand looks like why

After the penultimate Benidorm Fest, I wrote about “presenters who don't understand the thick line that separates the podcast with friends from a TV show”, I was referring to Inés Hernand, but I did it shyly, as “someone has someone and me killed.” I don't care.” “I like to show.” Since life is about correcting yourself – at least because lives are so long, the Sumerians were able to die without giving up their Mesopotamian arm because they were only thirty years old lived – when the third edition came out, I appreciated what I had previously hated. Ruth Lorenzo, Marc Calderó and Ana Prada are great professionals, but by the time Hernand appeared on the screen, the galas were falling apart like the laziest pig's house of straw.

I had only seen her Goya broadcast on RTVE Play when I read a statement accusing her of treating the President of the Government with a “flattering tone” and using “bad words without context”. He sounded so promising that I spent the seven hours that his reporting lasted – seven hours, which requires a lot of professionalism, even if it is not appreciated. To my disappointment, the “flattering tone” was not the kneeling before Sánchez in a Fernando Galindo style, “an admirer, a friend, a slave, a servant”, simply shouting the same thing: “You are an icon!” that he told all the interviewees had listened. If I had said, “I like fruit,” it might not have raised so many suspicions, who knows. And the “swear words” didn’t sound that bad and had a lot of context, but to realize it you have to know Hernand’s previous work, which is what led RTVE Play to hire her. The duck resorted to this to attract an audience that doesn't want to swallow 10 minutes of Méndez-Leite's speech – no one did – and that probably hasn't seen any of the nominated films, but is more focused on TikTok than a TV thanks to his interviews is canvas and with its lightness, sometimes so burdensome, he has known O como, Creatura or Arrival. TVE should stay there. Hernand did the job she was hired to do.

Of course, there are great journalists on public television who cover Goya in a conventional way: Carlos del Amor, that person who can use the expression “cinematic magic” in a non-ironic way, Elena S. Sánchez and José Fernández have managed their solvency regularly on TVE; Inés Hernand was at RTVE Play to complement her work, not to replace it.

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