If you live in Spain the time changes on this

If you live in Spain, the time changes on this day in March

If you are Cuban or Latino and live in Spain, you should know the day in March when the time changes in the European country. Due to the logical change in time, this will impact your routines with your country of origin.

Like every year, there will be two time adjustments in Spain in 2024. One to switch from winter time to summer time and another to switch from summer time to winter time. These adjustments include moving the clocks forward or back by one hour, once in March and again next October.

According to local media, Spain will switch to daylight saving time in March 2024. According to an article from the National Geographic Institute (IGN), “daylight saving time” is defined as the phase of the year when the clock is set forward sixty minutes compared to the time of the rest of the year. Although in reality this period includes spring and summer.

When will the time change take place in Spain in March?

The start of summer time in Spain begins on the last Sunday in March every year. Therefore, in the early hours of the morning from Saturday, March 30th to Sunday, March 31st, 2024, we must move our clocks forward one hour. So now you know: Don't let anything surprise you.

Some experts point out that changing the schedule can have significant effects on our body and health, such as disturbed sleep and fatigue. The time change can disrupt sleep patterns, which can lead to fatigue.

It can also cause changes in appetite, as some people may experience an increase in appetite after a time change. So do stress and irritability and other long-term health effects.

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