iHEAL 6 New smartwatch promises ECG blood pressure and blood

iHEAL 6: New smartwatch promises ECG, blood pressure and blood sugar measurement at an affordable price – notebookcheck.biz

We have already published a few articles about Kospet: The manufacturer is successively offering new smartwatches whose sensors are almost far-fetched. In principle, the sensors announced by Kospet are actually possible on a smartwatch. However, the advertised blood sugar measurement is by no means accurate and diabetics in particular should not take the displayed values ​​at face value. The blood sugar curve shown by Kospet as a demonstration also seems completely unrealistic. In addition, the watch should be able to measure heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. But here too, accurate blood pressure measurement is probably an exaggerated advertising promise. It is not at all clear to what extent optical sensors can generate precise values. EGCs should also be possible.

The watch is equipped with a large 2.01-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 296. It is 12 millimeters thick and weighs around 40 grams. It is equipped with a 280 mAh battery that is said to last 15 days under normal use and a week under heavy use, such as recording numerous sporting activities. A microphone and a speaker are built in, so that the iHeal 6 can be used both as a Bluetooth hands-free device and to interact with digital assistants. As usual, an analysis of sleep quality and duration is promised and music playback from the paired smartphone can be controlled. Notifications can be displayed and your own photos can be used as a background on the watch face.

The watch is said to be IP67 certified, meaning it is protected from dust and water. The iHeal 6 is available now for just under $50. Shipping costs and import duties may also apply.

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