Ilary Blasi and the end of her marriage to Totti

Ilary Blasi and the end of her marriage to Totti: “I have no remorse or remorse, but I no longer recognize him”

“At the end of the mass it was a beautiful wedding, I have mixed feelings: melancholy, nostalgia and tenderness, but I have neither regret nor remorse.” Ilary Blasi returns to talk about the separation from her ex-husband Francesco Totti. A bond that lasted almost 20 years between the captain of the Giallorossi and one of the most famous presenters of Italian television, until the shipwreck in the summer of 2022 and the subsequent consequences, including mutual accusations of betrayal and other low blows. When a marriage ends, “it's not just one person's fault, I did something wrong too, but in dealing with this situation I don't feel like I have any regrets,” says Blasi, who is about to publish a book about it Affair and he has already spoken at length in the documentary produced by Netflix. “I'm not angry, the disappointment remains, but I'm happy.” It's a circle that has closed, life has ended and a new one has begun. Maybe a new Ilary has been born,” she admits to presenter Silvia Toffanin. How stupid, the title of the autobiographical book is “a little provocative because the signs of the end of the relationship were not recognized beforehand.” When I wrote it, “it was like a psychotherapeutic session, a cathartic experience, it did me good,” and I had the opportunity to “rethink” these signals, such as “when Francesco didn't come to my birthday because of a work excuse appeared, which was the case.” 'T “.

The relationship between Ilary and Francesco

Not an open relationship, the mere hypothesis makes Blasi laugh. Now the two are facing divorce proceedings, “and it’s not a good one.” Divorce «is a pain in all situations, I protected the little girl while the older children are on social media, but they went into self-protection, I don't even know if they read it anymore. At the beginning I saw them destabilized, but it seems to me that they too have found a balance.” The book ends with an invitation to dinner with her ex-husband: “I extend my hand to him, it is clear that our family is no longer a normal family, but we will always be parents, it is a family in another world. “Gone.” Not enlarged, but “cut off, we are mostly expanding on both sides.” Now there is no relationship between them and Blasi admits that he doesn't know what's going through Totti's mind: “I don't know him anymore, it's not him anymore, I feel like I'm meeting a different person.”

The alleged betrayal

However, Blasi also returns to talk about the alleged betrayal, the famous coffee with Cristiano Iovino, who in recent days has denied the TV presenter's version and spoken of an “intimate encounter”. Iovino was called to court as a witness by the former football player. “For me, intimate relationships are different, the interview does not surprise me that it has arrived now,” she replied, adding that it was the same personal trainer in September 2022 who made some revelations about Totti that “definitely made her do it to open her “eyes”.

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