Ilary Blasi new bombshell against Francesco Totti quotHe knew everythingquot

Ilary Blasi, new bombshell against Francesco Totti: "He knew everything". Who brings it into play time

A war of rumors. For a few months it seemed as if Ilary Blasi wanted to remain silent about the breakdown of her marriage to Francesco Totti. Then, surprisingly, he revealed everything. First the documentary, then the book. But that's not all, because today the presenter at Verissimo is Silvia Toffanin's guest and comes back to the topic. The likelihood that the former showgirl will add details to the narrative already offered is very high. A few days ago, Cristiano Iovino explained (in an interview with Il Messaggero) that what Ilary defined as coffee was in fact a way to hide “intimate encounters”.

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Because the personal trainer wanted to give his version of events, all media outlets picked up the story. Ilary Blasi wanted to respond to Iovino with an interview granted to Sette, the magazine Corriere della Sera. “I should have been the one to tell my story. Especially after serious allegations were made against me,” he began. But what made her suffer the most was reading: “I knew everything. Even that we were an open couple… Maybe it was an open couple, but only on one side: not on my side.”

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“We were in love, we were. And all the closest people saw this: the childhood friends who visited the house, my sisters, my parents. They saw what my children saw. Nobody ever suspected it,” the presenter confessed. Then he dropped another bombshell: “Only my brother-in-law knew this latest story, but he hadn't told me anything in the hope that Francesco would come to his senses.”