Ilary Blasi Noemi Bocchi and the latest post court provocation

Ilary Blasi, Noemi Bocchi and the latest post court provocation

Nowadays we only talk about it Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti after the first decision of Court Civil Law of Rome in relation to the agreements of their separation. But also from Naomi Bocchi who has been the partner of the former Roma captain for several months. And that’s why he didn’t miss one of his Instagram stories, in which he shows what could look like this provocation. At least that’s how it can be read in view of the many rumors that have been circulating since the announcement of the marriage between Totti and Blasi.

Ilary Blasi, the provocation of Noemi Bocchi

If the story between Francesco Totti and Naomi Bocchi Wasn’t quite out yet, many had pointed out a resemblance between her and the footballer’s ex-wife.

It had also been written that Ilary Blasi had thought of it himself change appearance to put an end to the alleged similarities.

Then, in reality, the presenter had not changed an iota in her appearance and has said practically nothing about her private life since the announcement of the separation from Totti.

Only in the last few weeks – during the promotion of the new season of “Island of the Famous” – has she put up with a number of statements. And only in the first episode did he actually do it changed appearance. She appeared on TV with a brand new cut who immediately made headlines. It’s a bold and very clean layering with bangs that has also resulted in numerous comments on Instagram: either praise or criticism, effectively dividing the public into two factions: those who like it and those who don’t appreciate it.

The Noemi’s altered appearance.

She posted it herself on Instagram stories showing gods much lighter hairby a blond boy who really seems to be the perfect copy of Ilary.

Incidence? We don’t know, but what is certain is that the new blond boy looks very similar to the presenter. And if it were wanted, it couldn’t help but make one up provocation.

Ilary Blasi, the separation from Francesco Totti: what the court decided

There Separation between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti it held court for months and most likely will for a long time to come.

At the moment the decision of the Civil Court of Rome is not final. But based on what we know so far, other things go to Ilary Blasi. Away Villa in EUR who seem to have in their hands accounts created by Corriere della Sera, quite high monthly maintenance costs. Then the presenter gets 12,500 euros a month for her children (and according to Dagospia, Noemi Bocchi would have liked Totti to pay less than half). Meanwhile, child custody together.

Preliminary decisions, as mentioned, which may change or remain the same.

Meanwhile, on the evening of April 20, Francesco Totti was spotted in the officeOlympic with his son Christian to the Roma-Feyenoord game. Noemi, as revealed on her Instagram Stories, was instead following her from home with other people, among whom she tagged Chanel Totti.