1706547273 Ilary Blasi Nuccetelli39s bomb quotIovino It39s just the tip of

Ilary Blasi, Nuccetelli's bomb: "Iovino? It's just the tip of the iceberg" The weather

Ilary Blasi Nuccetelli39s bomb quotIovino It39s just the tip of

First the documentary, then the book and now the interviews (just yesterday the one with Verissimo with Silvia Toffanin). Ilary Blasi has decided to reveal the end of her marriage to Francesco Totti. In his version of events, it was the former Giallorossi captain's relationship with Noemi Bocchi that caused the breakdown of the relationship between the two. However, it was Cristiano Iovino who dropped the bombshell days ago. The personal trainer gave an interview to Il Messaggero and clarified that what the Mediaset presenter defined as just “a coffee” would later develop into “intimate encounters”. This indiscretion was denied by the former showgirl in an interview with Sette, the magazine Corriere della Sera. Alex Nuccetelli, a close friend of the AS Roma player, also supported the entrepreneur's statements.

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The 46-year-old addressed the matter with a few statements published in Il Messaggero and commented on the words of Cristiano Iovino. “It’s confirmation of what I’ve always supported, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg,” he began. “I know many truths. I live Francesco in everyday life,” continued Francesco Totti’s friend, confirming the indissoluble bond with the former footballer. “The truth comes out. In addition to the half-interview that some events forced him to do, he now hides behind silence with great elegance,” he explained the choice of personal trainer from Tell All His Truth.

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Is it possible that Francesco Totti responds to documentaries and books? Nuccetelli was clear: “I suggested it to him and he answered no. He wants to protect his children.” “I believe him, I know him. In life, some roles tend to exploit arrogance. That’s entirely plausible,” he continued. Then the revelation about how Totti would have handled the period of consciousness and separation: “Francesco is a sensitive person and was not prepared for any of this. He was the last to realize what was happening. For us friends, we were more attentive.” In some situations it was natural to give him some input. His partner was the mother of his children. For him she was an ethereal figure,” concluded the entrepreneur.