Im feeling worse Giselle Blondet reveals her state of health

“I’m feeling worse”: Giselle Blondet reveals her state of health

Puerto Rican actress and presenter, Giselle Blondettook to social media this Tuesday to reveal details about his health and urged his followers to take precautionary measures to stop the transmission of COVID-19, the influenza virus and respiratory diseases.

“Yesterday I was here, took the test for COVID, influenza, ‘power flow’ and everything was negative. But today I’m feeling worse so I came back to take my test again and God willing it will come back negative.“explained the actress.

“I only make this video because I think that even if we have a cold, We must see ourselves as responsible for not making others sick and not infecting other people.“he added.

Yesterday the secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Health, Carlos Melladoconfirmed that a minor between the ages of 10 and 14 died as a result of the influenza virus, which has already claimed 57 lives on the island this season.

According to the report published on the portal Health DepartmentFor the week of November 12-18, a total of 6 deaths and 98 hospitalizations were reported. A total of 3,473 flu cases were reported that same week, with Ponce being the region with the highest case rate.

Of the total 57 deaths, 16 were registered in the Ponce region, 11 in Caguas, 8 in the metropolitan area, 7 in Arecibo and Bayamón, 5 in Aguadilla/Mayagüez and 3 in the Fajardo region. On the other hand, the age group with the highest number of deaths is in those 85 years or older with 15 deaths.

Mellado stated in an interview WKAQ 580 that the minor who died of flu was in between 12 to 14 years. In addition, he urged citizens to get vaccinated to prevent the flu virus, especially during the Christmas season when numerous mass activities are carried out. According to the official, more than 350,000 doses of the flu vaccine have been administered.

Symptoms of the flu include fever, chills, cough and sore throat. In addition to vaccination, it is recommended to avoid contact with sick people and to maintain adequate hygiene.

The VOCES organization conducts educational events about the importance of vaccinations. Vaccines are available in 330 centers, pharmacies and through health insurance companies. Vaccination activities have been announced for this Saturday in several locations, including San Patricio Plaza and Plaza del Caribe shopping center.