Im not homophobic Bernard Rambo Gauthier returns to his statement

“I’m not homophobic”: Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier returns to his statement about Patrick Huard

Unionist Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier emerged from his silence on Tuesday to provide some clarification on the comments he made after the airing of the Goodbye 2022.

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The man sparked controversy last January when he called the comedian a “faggot” in a video statement denouncing his treatment on the year-end show.

“It was a play on words,” explains Mr. Gauthier in the video, in which we see him driving a vehicle. I have lesbian friends, I have gay friends and I have fun with them. I’m not homophobic, quite the opposite.

Mr Gauthier then deplored the climate of censorship that prevailed in public spaces. “It has more of a crunch of tempo. We can say no more, we can do no more.

The latter insisted on reminding that he was speaking on his own behalf. “I have not spoken on behalf of any union,” he pleads. Next time I’ll specify it so as not to break ears and not waste my mind.

Comedian Patrick Huard, who took on the traits of Rogatien, his character from the popular show Taxi 0-22, poked fun at ‘Rambo’ Gauthier’s involvement in the ‘Freedom Convoy’.

The “Baloons” in the Sky and Roxham Road

The union representative also shared his views on several hot topics.

He first commented on the presence of Chinese spy balloons spotted in the skies of several countries.

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“I passed out very stiffly,” he exclaims. Is that the world swallows everything! It makes you think that if there are satellites in the sky, they will spy on us with balloons.” He pointed out that “they’ve been swallowing everything for three years.”

“Roxham Road it’s been 3, 4 years since you were told it didn’t look good! But we are conspirators, he continues. Keep swallowing the shit of the “Merdias”.

He concluded his message by wishing his subscribers a Happy Valentine’s Day.