“I’m not paying you”, Paolantoni: “Another comedy”. A hater insults the comedian

“I’m not paying you”, Paolantoni: “Another comedy”. A hater insults the comedian – AreaNapoli.it AMP

Francesco Manno03/01/2024 10:52 p.m

Francesco Paolantoni, Neapolitan actor and comedian, criticized the comedy broadcast on Rai on social media.

“I don't pay you”, the famous comedy by Eduardo De Filippo, was interpreted by Sergio Castellitto, among others. There are also those who did not like the reinterpretation of the work Francesco Paolantoni. The Neapolitan comedian and actor actually published a post on Facebook in which he wrote: “Another comedy.” There were many comments supporting Paolantoni, most of them directed against the interpretation of Sergio Castelitto, who was considered “unsuitable” for the role of the protagonist.

Francesco Paolantoni clarified his thoughts by replying to a comment: “Is an explanation really needed? But turning a perfect comedy into a dark and shocking drama, not at all.”

A hater by Francesco Paolantoni, however, did not like the comedian's message and commented offensively: “It's not that you know how to behave better. You’re only good at clowning around!”

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