Immigration Mad Scientists in the Laboratory

Immigration: Mad Scientists in the Laboratory

Obélix likes to say: “They are crazy, those Romans!”

We want to say, “They’re crazy, those Trudeauists!”

But this time it’s not funny, not funny at all.


On Tuesday, Ottawa confirmed the number of immigrants Canada is expected to welcome in the next three years.

Madness, pure madness. Figures without a common measure with those of other open countries.

There will be 465,000 newcomers in 2023, 485,000 in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025.

Half a million new arrivals a year!

Almost 1.5 million in three years!

That’s twice as many per year as the 240,000 inducted in 2014. Look at the explosion in recent years.

If you think the 50,000 annual immigrants that Quebec welcomes is a ridiculous number by comparison, know that as a percentage of our population, it’s already more than double that of the United States!

To justify itself, Ottawa brings out the well-worn ribbon of labor shortages, an argument disputed by all serious studies.

Given the number of immigrants welcomed into Canada for years, we’d see if immigration filled the shortage.

Not only do newcomers have profiles that do not match those of vacancies, but they also create labor needs through the consumption of services.

And after that, the same people muttering “more, more, more” will be grinding their guts to lament the rise of the extreme right in Europe, which earns its bread and butter with far less immigration than here!

Self-equal, that is, deplorable, the wretched Conseil du patronat asks Quebec to do like Ottawa so it can obviously pay newcomers less than local workers.

These delusional, insane goals from Ottawa put Quebec in a dilemma.

If she doesn’t keep up with the federal government, our weight in Canada will continue to decline.

If we follow the federal rhythm, it is the acadization, then the secured Louisianization of French. Let’s break the banjos!

The Legault administration’s tentative response to the federal announcement does not bode well.

If immigration solves neither labor shortages nor aging (because immigrants also age and arrive when they are already adults), how can the federal obsession be explained?

Precisely because it’s an obsession, a fanatical ideology that doesn’t need any rational justification.

Justin Trudeau once said that Canada has no identity of its own and aspires to be the world’s first “post-national” country.

For him, Canada is a laboratory experiment. He makes chemical mixtures in test tubes.

That excites him. He asks himself: How far can we go?


Oddly enough, in that sense, Trudeau is a true revolutionary, and like any true revolutionary, he doesn’t care about the concrete implications for the real world.

Being bigoted and often looking like an idiot are not incompatible at all.

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