Immigration Trudeau gives PSPP gas –

Immigration: Trudeau gives PSPP “gas” –

The Parti Québécois ended 2023 as the leader in voting intentions in Quebec. No doubt the PQ strategists spent the Christmas holidays wondering what topics their training should cover in 2024.

Thanks to Justin Trudeau and his unrealistic goal of welcoming 500,000 immigrants to the country per year, the PQ no longer has to wonder which nail to hit in the coming months. An issue that will undoubtedly be at the heart of the next general election.

Until then, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon will emerge victorious, even if François Legault, in a letter to Justin Trudeau, calls for greater control of asylum applications and the covering of the costs incurred in 2021 and 2022.

No advice

When it comes to the federal thresholds, it is difficult to understand that cities and provinces were not consulted before the target was announced. The most ironic thing is that the Trudeau government has been the champion of advisers since its election in 2015.

Apparently the federal government had no intention of consulting on this issue. This means that Canada is heading towards a population of 100 million by 2100, as proposed by the Initiative of the Century.

Another irony is that the Trudeau team says it is not following the Initiative of the Century plan, but when we calculate Ottawa's thresholds we arrive at the same number.

So whether it follows the ideas of the Centenary Initiative or not, Canada is facing a wall. Clearly we can't afford Justin Trudeau's immigration ambitions.

And Legault

François Legault has not been seen on the public stage since the beginning of the year. But he at least took out his pen to show that he cares about immigration.

However, in his letter to Justin Trudeau, he does not call for new immigration powers and is far from triggering a sectoral referendum, as he mentioned in the last election campaign in 2022.

The year is still young, but the debate has begun. François Legault plays catch-up hockey while Justin Trudeau passes the stick to PSPP.