Important Swiss railway line reopens

The report by state railway company CFF added that it is the longest tunnel in the world at 57 kilometers, which they plan to reopen to passenger traffic tomorrow.

This line was closed due to an internal derailment and will reopen on Friday, a vital link in the Swiss Alps.

They stated that the first passenger trains since the August 10 accident will start operating on September 29, but only at reduced speeds in a first phase, until December 10.

In addition, train frequency will continue to be lower than usual, with only one outbound convoy on Friday and another return convoy on Sunday.

The tunnel connects the southern canton of Ticino, the country’s only Italian-speaking canton, to the rest of Switzerland by rail and is also crucial for connecting Swiss territory with neighboring Italy.

Another tunnel of the same name for road traffic in the same area, 16.9 kilometers long, was also closed in September due to cracks in the asphalt, but only for five days.

The freight train derailment on August 10 caused no fatalities, but many of its cars remained in the infrastructure for weeks, which was partially reopened to rail freight traffic on August 23.