In a bikini Isis Valverde shocks with a negative belly

In a bikini, Isis Valverde shocks with a negative belly and shows a tattoo in an unusual part

Isis ValverdeHer actress shocked her followers this Saturday (28) by sharing a bikini click on a luxurious boat angra dos riceIn the Rio de Janeiro. The famous one impressed with the negative stomach and with her tattoo that refers to her profession.

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“Beauty is her name”, “This is the most beautiful woman in the world”, “A monument of a woman”, “Wonderful is not enough”, “Besides legible she is very nice”, “Hot”, “Spectacle”, “Mine In my opinion the most beautiful woman in Brazil”, “Very beautiful”, they fired.


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Recently, the former global player drew attention to himself by simply publishing an essay on the social network as a baby doll, thereby causing a stir on the social network.

Isis Valverde collects more than 27 million followers on the social network. Recently, the actress did not renew her contract with TV globe.

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