In a bikini Livia Andrade shows her butt on the.webp

In a bikini, Lívia Andrade shows her butt on the net and impresses: “What a body”

Lívia Andrade left her fans and followers euphoric this Wednesday (18).) by sharing some notes of your holiday trip on your social networks. The presenter posed in front of a paradisiacal scenario and spoke about aesthetic procedures.

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In the photo, Lívia appeared facing a sea of ​​crystal clear water while her butt was completely exposed.


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“Bumdiaaaa… It’s possible to maintain contour, shape, volume and texture!!! I was short on time and wanted to get my butt back the way it was before. I took heavy medication for a long time, and the side effects changed my body. The house fell!!! Kkkkk,” she began.

And he went on to say that his commitment to the body started late, but ended with the goal he had achieved: “My summer project at the age of 45 in the second half worked out great!”, the TV Globo presenter rejoiced.

rain of compliments

The publication of Lívia Andrade, highlighting her body on social networks, received several compliments from fans and followers.

“Livia is very beautiful, isn’t it… I love you, Livia! You look amazing,” said another. “A body is a body, right? Too perfect a spectacle,” commented another. “Oh my! What a wonderful body these guys are,” said a third.

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