1667507301 In a cave in Argentine Patagonia a tourist dies in

In a cave in Argentine Patagonia, a tourist dies in an ice cave

Exterior view of the Jimbo Cave where the Brazilian tourist died, in Ushuaia (Argentina).Exterior view of the Jimbo Cave where the Brazilian tourist died, in Ushuaia (Argentina), Argentine Gendarmerie

“Be careful!” says the tourist, filming seconds before a sheet of ice crushes his companion. A Brazilian man in his 30s died Wednesday outside of Ushuaia, in Patagonia, Argentina while hiking. The group of tourists, about five people, accompanied by a dog, were entering a cave when the ice broke off and fell on the first of them. The filming man rushes to his aid, and before filming stops, a sign can be seen at the entrance to the cave: “Alert. Do Not Enter”.

The time of the incident. Video: Government of Tierra del Fuego

Jimbo Cave, the rock formation where the incident occurred, is one of the major attractions of Andorra Valley, a hiking trail on the outskirts of Ushuaia, the last Argentine city in Patagonia. The site is about a four-hour walk north of the city. The very difficult and physically demanding hike is popular with experienced hikers, but was closed due to snowfall. Access to the cave has been banned for at least a year due to the risk of collapse. According to the local authorities, the emergency services were called at 4:00 p.m. (local time) and, as the use of helicopters was ruled out due to the strong winds, they went to the area along the route. The first brigade members arrived around 7am and the group was rescued that Thursday morning.

According to local authorities, the man was not wearing an ID card at the time of the accident. Some local media have identified him as Dennis Cosmo Marin, a 37-year-old man of Brazilian nationality who has been traveling in a trailer since 2018.