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In a closed marriage, Ludmilla puts jealousy aside, uncovers an agreement with Brunna, and reveals the only famous woman to marry…


Singer revealed intimacy of relationship with dancer

Ludmilla reveals match with Brunna, famously revealing the couple can identify© Image 1 Playback: Youtube/Who Can pod | Image 2 Playback: Instagram/Brunna GonçalvesLudmilla reveals match with Brunna, famously revealing the couple can identify

The singer Ludmilla recently joined the podcast who can, can presented by Giovanna Ewbank It is Fe Paes Leme. While being interviewed by celebrities, the artist opened up about the game and shared details about the intimacy of her marriage to the exBBB Brunna Goncalves.

During the chat, Ludmilla explained that while his relationship with his wife is over, there is only one celebrity they can “stay out of” with: “Rihanna. I have a lot of respect for Beyoncé,” he revealed.

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Then the famous one said that Brunna had already said she wouldn’t choose anyone to stay: “Brunna is a son of a bitch, she says she doesn’t want anyone. I say, ‘Ah Brunna, stop lying, choose someone’,” she amused the two presenters.

Finally, the funk artist revealed that it was his wife’s first date and that he had been interested in her since the first time: “I was her first girlfriend. She had never had a boyfriend in her life. The first time I saw Bruna at one of my rehearsals, I winced and said, ‘I do’.”