In addition to 7 lives cats have 7 super rare

In addition to 7 lives, cats have 7 super rare coats that look like a lie Edict Concursos Brasil

There are three fairly common color patterns in cats: black and white, which can mix. There is also the piebald or brindle, which combines black, white, tan, gray and yellow. Nature is spectacular and has a larger repertoire than we know. Seek seven rarest cat furs.

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What are the seven rarest cat furs?

Different colors express rare genetic combinations. See below:

1. Cream

cream coat

Cream cats have a pastel colored coat or a more faded yellow. This color results from the presence of a recessive gene that causes the production of low levels of pheomelanin, which is responsible for yellow pigmentation.

2. Lilac

purple coat

Purple cats are common among breeds such as Siamese, Balinese, and Persian. Here the sound is clearer, especially when there is luminosity. It is a color that is due to the presence of a pair of special genes the recessive homozygotes.

3. Gray

gray coat

The allgray cat with bluish undertones is most commonly found in Russia and Siberia. These cats are more common in the Russian Blue breed and can also exhibit heterochromia. The grayblue color is due to the presence of a recessive gene that inhibits the production of eumelanin, which is responsible for black or brown pigmentation.

4. Chocolate

chocolate coat

The shade of chocolate is halfway between black and brown, forming a dark brown color. This is due to the position of eumelanin on the X chromosome, which concentrates the rare color type in cats.

5. Chinchilla

chinchilla coat

In chinchilla cats, the hairline fades. At the root they are their natural color black or piebald but as they grow longer they turn white. In addition, these cats have a sturdy body, long fur and wide paws. Chinchilla cats are found in the Persian and Maine Coon breeds and are so because they have recessive homozygotes in some pairs of chromosomes.

6. Turtle shell

Tortoise shell coat

The coat is a combination of shades of black and orange and resembles a tortoise shell. Females are more likely to have this color as the mutation is due to the presence of two X chromosomes.

7. Albino

Albino coat

Albino cats aren’t just completely white in their fur. Ears, muzzle and paws are equally white or pink. There is no melanin production here, which is why albino cats are the rarest, as they have two recessive genes.