In addition to the more than 22300 dead and 57000

In addition to the more than 22,300 dead and 57,000 injured in the Gaza Strip, there are around 7,000 missing Palestinians El Comercio Perú

04/01/2024 07H33 – UPDATED 04/01/2024 07H43

Around 7,000 Palestinians have disappeared in the Gaza Strip since the war between the Islamist group began Hamas And Israelwhich add to the 22,313 deaths and 57,296 injured reported to the United Nations by the enclave's health ministry.

This data appears in the daily report on the situation in Gaza UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairswhich emphasizes that 70% of victims They are women and children.

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Of the missing, He points out that many more would be buried under the rubble.

On the other hand, the organization points out that for three days until Wednesday, the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations were unable to provide vital and urgent humanitarian assistance in the north of the Gaza Strip due to delays and denial of access, as well as the danger involved. .

That aid, which has not yet arrived, includes 30 days of life-saving medicines for more than 100,000 Palestinians, as well as eight trucks of food for people “who are currently experiencing catastrophic and life-threatening food insecurity.”

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The United Nations estimates that 1.9 million people in Gaza (85% of the population) began 2024 as internally displaced, and that many of them have been forcibly displaced several times and have always had to survive.

Almost 1.4 million internally displaced people are finding refuge in 155 facilities in the region United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in the five governorates of the Gaza Strip, of which Rafah (border with Egypt) is now their main refuge.

More than a million people are in the reduced area of ​​Rafah due to the intensification of hostilities in Kan Yunis and Deir al Balah as well as the Israeli army's evacuation orders.

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