In California A landslide washes away the backyard of three

In California: A landslide washes away the backyard of three luxury residences

Three multimillion-dollar luxury homes are on the verge of collapsing onto a cliff because a landslide engulfed their backyards in Dana Point, California.

The backyards of these three luxury residences suddenly disappeared from the landscape after the landslide caused by heavy rains washed away part of the cliff near Scenic Road.

According to a New York Post report on Tuesday, one of the owners mentioned that his home was safe and that the local housing authority had found nothing unusual about the structure.

The city of Dana Point told ABC7 that the three homes inspected did not pose a threat and said side access to the beach below was still safe despite the presence of debris.

Real estate company Redfin estimated the total value of the three luxury properties at almost $43 million, confirming the trend that real estate prices in this American state are still rising.