In California villas are about to be abandoned after the

In California, villas are about to be abandoned after the latest storm

A piece of cliff fallen into the sea and luxurious villas perched on the edge of the void: in California, the small coastal town of Dana Point is the scene of a striking scene after the last winter storm. The landslide occurred after heavy rains hit the Golden State last week.

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As a result, three multimillion-dollar residences flirt with nothingness in this opulent location south of Los Angeles. But surprisingly, these properties are still livable. Authorities and engineers assured homeowners that their homes, whose foundations are anchored in rock, would not end up in the Pacific.

The owner of one of the houses, Lewis Bruggeman, assured local media that his home was “not in danger and will not be declared uninhabitable,” despite the large portion of land behind his villa suddenly disappearing.

“No immediate threat”

Last week, California was hit by a violent storm. The flooding killed at least nine people in the state and caused severe flooding and landslides, particularly in the Los Angeles region.

At Dana Point, the collapse of the cliff a few days ago is still noticeable, sending a huge pile of dirt and rocks plunging into the sea, an AFP photographer noted on Thursday.

Spectacular images that do not prevent the authorities from ensuring that there is no imminent danger. “Engineers who have already inspected the home said there was no damage and no immediate threat to the structure, which is very good news,” Dana Point Mayor Jamey Federico said in the Los Angeles Times. “That's good news. »

California is expected to experience another storm this weekend.