In France A wild boar climbs to the 4th floor

In France: A wild boar climbs to the 4th floor of a building before being slaughtered

Residents of Montpellier in southern France were left frightened when they discovered a wild boar loitering on the landing of their apartment.

Last week, Max Alliès, president of the Hérault hunters' association, encountered the mammal on the fourth floor landing of the apartment building, 20 Minutes reported.

“If some are still convinced that it is thanks to the hunters that there are wild boars in Montpellier, rest assured that the hunters did not leave corn on the fourth floor of a building,” Mr Alliès said on Facebook.

“These opportunistic wild animals adapt perfectly to urban life, in addition to the wasteland areas that provide them with shelter, it seems that they are now moving towards collective housing,” he quipped.

The animal was eventually evacuated before being slaughtered, causing an outcry in public opinion, as evidenced by numerous comments on social networks denouncing the killing of the wild boar.

“Why shoot him? Didn't reach your quota? Once again, it's unfortunate. “But why is it surprising that it comes from hunters?” one netizen exclaimed, while another found the killing of the animal “scandalous”.