In half an hour Vittorio Parsi reveals Israel39s paradox What

In half an hour, Vittorio Parsi reveals Israel's paradox: “What has changed”

In the Middle East, the prolonged war seriously endangers not only the lives of the population, but also the stability of Western public opinion. It was discussed during the episode of “In Mezz'ora” that aired on Rai3 on March 3rd. Guest in the studio was Professor Vittorio Parsi, who highlighted how Western public opinion's perception of Israel is changing very quickly.

“The damage being done to Israel’s reputation by the way Netanyahu is waging this war is enormous – said Professor Parsi – and unfortunately it will continue. The paradox is that on October 7th we started from a situation in which the world had joined Israel in the face of this barbaric pogrom by Hamas. But everything that has happened since then completely changes the situation and Israel is losing support in Western public opinion.”