In Iraq they emphasize the call for the withdrawal of

In Iraq, they emphasize the call for the withdrawal of US forces from the country 26th Periódico

Parliamentary Iraq

Parliamentarian Hussain Mouanes today stressed the call to withdraw US forces from the country and free Iraq from economic domination.

In statements to the pan-Arab broadcaster Al MayadeenThe leader of the Hoquq movement described the American presence in the nation as “hegemony and tutelage.”

According to the representative, the North American stay is now threatening and not a preservation or defense of the country.

At this point, he described the bombing of a government institution and the killing of national leaders and Popular Mobilization Forces personnel as aggression.

Mouanes claimed that Washington's embassy in Iraq had been converted into a military barracks and had wiretapping and spying equipment.

Regarding the proposal to reach a ceasefire between US forces and the resistance in Iraq, he pointed out that there is an occupation and the population rejects it.

In this sense, the Iraqi parliamentarian revealed that the next step after the withdrawal of the US military will be a call to form an alliance of all countries to reject Israel.

In this context, he pointed out that the Israeli Mossad was present in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region; and at that time he condemned the Zionist existence in the country under the protection of civil society organizations, economic and commercial security companies and embassies.

Regarding his inclusion on the list of people sanctioned by the White House, Mouanes confirmed that the United States uses these methods to embarrass the Iraqi government and demonstrate its dominance at the national level.

He also stressed that the North American tendency to impose sanctions represents a decision that affects the highest legislative power and the country's sovereignty.

Yesterday the Iraqi resistance warned against US manipulation to withdraw its forces from the country after years of pursuing malicious plans in the region.

In a statement, he warned of Washington's treason and his attempt to buy time to carry out further crimes and plans to harm the people and the nation.

By the way, he reiterated that the Resistance's response is to continue operations against the foreign presence until the reality of the United States' intentions and the seriousness of its commitment to withdraw invasion forces from Iraq are clear.

Earlier, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced the agreement with Washington to work out a schedule for the stay of the international coalition's advisers in the country.

This came in response to US aggression and airstrikes in Iraq that targeted resistance leaders and Popular Mobilization Forces headquarters on the border with Syria and in Jurf al-Nasr, south of Baghdad.

The Iraqi resistance took part in the Al-Aqsa surge since October 17, carrying out more than 150 operations against illegal American enclaves in Syria and the country, as well as attacks on Israeli targets, in solidarity with the Palestinian people.