In Lebanon, the death toll from Israeli attacks rises to 13

At least 13 people were killed in yesterday's Israeli attacks on southern Lebanon. This was announced by a local Red Cross source quoted by international media. At least eight people were killed in a drone strike on the city of Nabatiye, and five others died in raids in Aadchit and al-Sawana. The Lebanese militia Hezbollah said on its Telegram channel that three of its members were killed in the attacks.

An earlier report by the Lebanese state news agency NNA reported four deaths in Nabatiye. An Israeli military spokesman said yesterday that the strikes hit “a number of Hezbollah targets in the areas of Jabal el Braij, Houneh, Dunin, Aadchit and Souaneh.” In the morning, pro-Iranian militias fired several rockets from Lebanon at two Israeli military bases in the Galilee, killing a young soldier and wounding eight other people.

Israel, Nasser Khan Yunis in hospital, possibly hostage bodies

“There is credible information that Hamas has been holding Israeli hostages at the Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis and that the bodies of our abductees may be on the hospital grounds.” Army spokesman Daniel Hagari said this, citing the IDF's “sustained efforts.” at the hospital in the southern Gaza city to “find and recover the bodies of the hostages.” “As demonstrated in Shifa Hospital, Rantisi, Amal and many others, Hamas systematically uses hospitals as centers of terror,” he added.

Hezbollah, Israel responds to escalation with escalation

We are responding to Israel's escalation with escalation. If they force our civilians to leave their homes, we force their civilians to leave their homes. If they destroy our houses, we destroy their houses: That's what he just said, quoted from the Lebanon media, a senior representative of Hezbollah, Sheikh Nabil Qawuq. Qawuq, a member of Hezbollah's Central Council, commented on the “massacre of civilians” carried out by Israel during the night in Nabatiye, the capital of southern Lebanon. According to local sources, at least 13 people were killed in the Israeli attack, including civilians including women and children.

Hamas leader, agreement requires ceasefire and IDF withdrawal

Any agreement reached by Hamas with Israel must “guarantee a ceasefire, the withdrawal of the army from the Gaza Strip and a comprehensive agreement on the exchange of hostages.” This was said by Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, quoted by Al Quds TV, the Islamic faction's channel.

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