1704766180 In Puente de Vallecas a woman is shot dead on

In Puente de Vallecas, a woman is shot dead on the street

In Puente de Vallecas a woman is shot dead on

A woman in her 40s was murdered in the Puente de Vallecas district this evening after being shot at least four times on the street. At about half past ten at night, the victim was on a public street when he suffered multiple gunshot wounds from a passing vehicle. The emergency services tried to revive her for half an hour, but it was impossible to do anything to save her life. The national police have taken over the investigation and no hypotheses have been ruled out.

When Samur paramedics arrived on Lake Maracaibo Street, the woman was lying on the street in cardiac arrest and multiple gunshot wounds to her left hemithorax. “Resuscitation maneuvers began, the stop could not be reversed and he died,” reports a Samur spokeswoman. A psychologist from Samur traveled to the scene to attend to several relatives who were at the scene.

The state police's Homicide Squad VI has taken over the investigation, in which all hypotheses are open. In the area where there is tension after the crime, agents from the Scientific Police Violent Crimes Group are already working to collect evidence and collect witness statements about what happened. No arrests at this time.

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