In Renascer Jacutinga wonders about Santinha39s ignorance She is a

In Renascer, Jacutinga wonders about Santinha's ignorance: “She is a virgin” TV news

Jacutinga, Juliana Paes' character in Renascer, even takes a portion of cachaça to absorb the pointless story of Santinha (Duda Santos) as soon as she is dropped off at the brothel door. The young woman will claim that she is “embuchado” because she kissed a man. The other prostitutes will think the young woman is lying, but the pimp won't. “She is a virgin,” Jacutinga will say.

In Globo's nine o'clock soap opera, Venâncio (Fabio Lago) pulls his car up to Jacutinga's door and tells his daughter to get out. He will accelerate the car without looking back. Santinha is brought into the house, completely stunned by the situation.

The pimp will welcome her and ask her girls to take her to her room. After a while she will learn from Morena (Uiliana Lima) that the girl is not feeling quite right. “How do you get a belly, Maria Santa?” Jacutinga will ask. The young woman will be embarrassed and say that she already told you. “It was with a kiss, wasn’t it?” the prostitute will insist. “How would it be different?” the innocent woman will answer.

“That’s why your father left you here? And your sister… Is that why she got lost?” the woman will ask. “She was lying on her stomach when Painho took her out of the house,” concludes Santinha. “And were you afraid that yours would come out because of a kiss? Grace! “Didn’t your mother talk to you?” the pimp will ask, already running out of patience.

She will get the teenager to stop washing dishes and go upstairs with her to have a chat. “From what you told me, only if it was the work of a miracle,” the pimp will say. “What didn’t even happen to the Virgin?” Santinha will say. “This kind of miracle, my daughter, only happens in the Bible. In the real world…In this dog world we live in, things are the way they are!” concluded Jacutinga.

From this sequence onwards, the pimp gives the young woman a sex lesson and instructs her not to lower her head in front of any man. Santinha will also take a pregnancy test, which will prove that she is not expecting a child. Afterwards, the brothel owner, confident that the girl has never had sex, will begin auctioning off Santinha's virginity.

Renascer was created by Benedito Ruy Barbosa and the adaptation of the rural saga is by Bruno Luperi, the author's grandson. The remake is expected to air in prime time on Globo by September this year.

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