In Renascer Santinha39s virginity is auctioned off in the brothel

In Renascer, Santinha's virginity is auctioned off in the brothel: “Put an offer on the table TV news

After being left at the door of Jacutinga's brothel (Juliana Paes) in this Thursday's episode (25), Santinha (Duda Santos) will make the pimp laugh with a kiss in Renascer about her story of her pregnancy. Jacutinga will send her for a pregnancy test to ensure that the young woman is not expecting a child. She will then give the girl a sex and empowerment lesson and ask her to dress up to go to the salon.

In Globo's nine o'clock soap opera, the pimp doesn't decide with whom she loses her virginity, but rather uses the girl as a decoy to fill her house. The strategy of auctioning the Virgin will work, and the colonels will go crazy for Santinha. “Gentlemen, present me with an offer first… We'll see the rest later,” Jacutinga will explain.

As soon as the young woman appears in the club, enthusiasm is ignited. “I know him too well. My father was my companion… A runaway ox who took me a cart and two firstclass donkeys!” Belarmino (Antonio Calloni) will say.

When Venâncio (Fabio Logo) learns that his daughter was allegedly dishonored and became pregnant, he sends his wife to pack her bags and put everything in the car, including her partner and daughter. He stops the vehicle in front of the brothel door and tells the teenager to get out. The shooter will speed up the car and drive away from the prostitutes who come out the door curious about the situation.

“He came here with his donkeys and the cart and left the poor girl without the least ceremony. They continued their journey, he and the mule, without even looking back,” Jacutinga will say. Firmino (Enrique Diaz) will want to know something about the girl. “Then give me a price,” he will say. “First I have to see if she is willing to sleep with one of the gentlemen,” the pimp will say.

Belarmino insists on having a private conversation, but the pimp doesn't want to accept that. She will say that she wants to see the offers to think about what she will do. So Santinha stays in the window every day until a month has passed. The news finally reaches the ears of José Inocêncio (Humberto Carrão), who searches for her and is forced to marry in the middle of a brothel in order to kidnap his lover.

Renascer was created by Benedito Ruy Barbosa and the adaptation of the rural saga is by the author's grandson, Bruno Luperi. The remake is expected to air in prime time on Globo by September this year.

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