1652247080 In Switzerland people are preparing for atomic bombs

In Switzerland, people are preparing for atomic bombs

Swiss Federal President and Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis said in “20 Minutes” that his country is on the verge of a nuclear attack.

The war in Ukraine keeps Federal President and Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis busy. Are the sanctions fair and is Switzerland still neutral? What threatens if the war escalates further? “20 Minutos” met with Cassis for a talk where several users could ask questions.

The “Today” news ticker about the war in Ukraine

Russia celebrated “Victory Day” against Nazi Germany on May 9. How does federal president Ignazio Cassis interpret the speech? “The most important information was that there were no surprises. There is not much positive today, but the good thing is that nothing bad happened that day”, says Cassis.

Rene asks why Switzerland doesn’t really remain neutral? “We’re getting really neutral,” says Cassis. There are discussions about Switzerland’s neutrality in all wars. “But this time Russia’s violation of the UN Charter was so great that we could not remain silent. We had to condemn it very loudly and strongly, otherwise the world would not be in order,” says Cassis. As the war escalates, there is the possibility of atomic bombs. The Federal Council is also preparing for this case.

Petra asks what Cassis thinks about the demand for arms delivery to Ukraine through third countries? “We can’t do that because of the neutrality law. You can talk about it, but it would need a change in the law to implement it,” says Cassis.

Cassis called the Ukrainian president a friend. Has he ever been invited to Kiev? “Zelenski would like to invite me to Ukraine every day to show how good our relationship is. But these are symbolic acts, our relationship doesn’t need them at the moment,” says Cassis.

Kevin wants to know if Cassis still has her floral print couch. “Yes, we still have that, it’s a must for my wife. Now we also have a portrait of the queen above the sofa.”

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