In tears Mariana Echeverria reveals that she has lost a

In tears, Mariana Echeverría reveals that she has lost a baby

  • The member of the “dysfunctional family” opened her heart and explained that she lost her second child a month ago.
  • Mariana Echeverría lost her baby when she was six weeks pregnant.

After the beginning of the year it became known that the actress and comedian Mariana Echeverría was expecting a second child because she was several weeks lateNow it was the same celebrity who confirmed she was pregnant but sadly she lost the baby.

Through a video shared on social networks, Mariana Echeverría opened her heart to her followers and explained that a month ago she had a miscarriage, As a result, she had to abandon her plans to extensively announce to her husband, Club América soccer player Óscar Jiménez, that they were expecting a second child.

“I’ve always loved being around the people who follow me on social media, I like to share with you the good things, my projects, my triumphs, my achievements, my joys, but I also shared a part of my life with sad moments. difficult, and today is one of those sad ones, but throughout life I’ve learned to turn them into strength and take the good things that can leave me without asking myself: why me?

Although that wasn’t all, well Mariana was very moved and saddened by the confession, which made it impossible for her not to shed a few tears as she explained that it took her a month to process and understand what had happened.Time when she had the great support of her husband who tried everything to comfort her.

“I cried, I cried, I was scared, yes, but I took my time to process it and embrace that pain and not let myself fall again, I hugged my Lucca and my Oscar even more and I was thankful to have her in my life and well nothing to try again, i know god has things planned for me and the time will come,” wrote Mariana to accompany the video.

Additionally, Mariana explained how difficult it was to find out that she had lost her baby as she had only confirmed her pregnancy two days before, and hours after receiving the sad news of losing her baby, she had to go to work to make people laugh, so she had to pretend to be happy while collapsing with sadness inside.

End, The Mexican actress urged her followers, who were in the same situation as her and were looking for a child, not to give up and to do the impossible to fulfill their dreams.; She uses herself as an example, as she only has one fallopian tube.

“I encourage everyone who has been through a situation like this, it’s not easy but cheer up, let yourself be loved, let yourself be pampered Tell the people you love the most to get rid of the little pain that causes us and most importantly, never blame yourself,” he concluded.

That should be noticed quickly Mariana’s followers used the comments section to express their affection and wish her soon to fulfill her dream of giving birth to a baby brother for her firstbornas some women have confessed to having experienced the same thing.

“I send you a very strong hug Marianita”, “I completely understand your pain! It’s very hard, I hurried to tell everyone the news and soon I lost it inexplicable pain”, “I scream a hug with you” , “I recommend the book Spirit Babies, it’s beautiful. Lots of encouragement, I send you kisses”, are some reactions.