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In the United States, Democrat Robert Kennedy Jr. announces his 2024 presidential candidacy

Robert Kennedy Jr., in Boston, April 19, 2023. Robert Kennedy Jr., in Boston, April 19, 2023. JOSH REYNOLDS/AP

He is one of the rare candidates from the Democratic camp who has already officially entered the race for the 2024 US presidential election. “I announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination,” controversial Robert Kennedy Jr. announced Wednesday, April 19, to his supporters in Boston.

The 60-year-old, whose chances of success are limited, is the son of former Democratic Attorney General and presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968, but also the nephew of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was killed five years earlier.

The lawyer specializing in environmental issues has been known since 2005 for spreading conspiracy theories about vaccines and in particular linking autism to one of their components. In the crowd at his meeting, several of his activists were wearing vaccination caps.

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Finally “Tell the American People the Truth”

During that rally, organized in the state of Massachusetts — the Kennedy family stronghold — he vowed to “put an end to the divisions” that are eating away at the United States by finally telling “the truth to the American people.”

For the time being, the Democrat camp is frozen pending President Joe Biden’s decision. At 80, the White House tenant claims he has “intents” to run for a second term but has yet to formalize his entry into the campaign.

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