1706398846 In this new documentary 7 Jours comedians talk

In this new documentary – 7 Jours – comedians talk about their mental health struggles

In the documentation The clown is sad Comedians speak openly about their mental health struggles. In their touching and clear testimonies, they give full meaning to the expression “humor is the best medicine.”

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At the beginning of the documentary, Christelle Paré, researcher at the Comedy Industry Research Group, mentions that the expression “the clown is sad” is probably older than stand-up itself. It is therefore not surprising to learn that comedians are not immune to mental health problems and that many of them have chosen humor to combat their demons.

In this new documentary 7 Jours comedians talk

In “The Clown is Sad,” Jean-François Mercier, Simon Gouache, Cathy Gauthier, Mario Jean, Maude Landry, Coco Belliveau and Erich Preach lift the veil on their vulnerability. Louise Richer and students from the National School of Humor, as well as Shany Bergeron-Roy, a social worker who works at the school, also share their views and feelings on the issue.

1706398830 839 In this new documentary 7 Jours comedians talk

In one of these interventions, Christelle Paré reports on the development of humor content and society's greater openness regarding mental health. She emphasizes that we understand her better and have never said so much. Louise Richer is also observing this development. She explains that mental health issues have been an integral part of the educational approach since the school she founded began.

Laugh to get better

At the beginning and end of the documentary we hear excerpts from Yvon Deschamps' monologue Le Bonheur. Jean-François Mercier, Coco Belliveau and Cathy Gauthier take up this in their contributions by admitting, among other things, that happiness does not come easy for them. According to the first, misfortune forces us to see things in depth and not just on the surface. “What's really cool is that when something negative happens to me, I can turn it into something positive. I can do a number with it,” he emphasizes. His colleagues share this opinion. Maude Landry even believes that you can laugh about any topic if you find the right perspective: “The important thing is that people laugh, and not that they know that it comes from a dark world.”

1706398832 283 In this new documentary 7 Jours comedians talk

Coco, Cathy, Simon, Jean-François, Mario, Erich and Maude describe without false modesty the effects of anxiety, borderline personality disorder, depression or lack of self-esteem on their lives and their creative process. However, let's be reassured that when they tackle sensitive topics in the performance, it is because they feel better, emphasizes Coco Belliveau in particular. For her part, Cathy Gauthier says that talking about depression on one of her shows made her realize that all people are equal.

Relaxing humor

1706398835 746 In this new documentary 7 Jours comedians talk

The final part of the documentary explores the therapeutic role of humor, the impact of popularity on artists' mental health, and the importance of seeking help when you're not feeling well. While today they are still overcome with emotion when recounting the difficult times they have been through, all of the comedians interviewed found that talking about their problems had only positive effects.

“The Clown is Sad” can also be seen Yearn And noovo.ca.

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