In Trouble The Rock Humbled After His Shock Decision Hes

In Trouble, ‘The Rock’ Humbled After His Shock Decision: ‘He’s Gonna Ruin Everything!’ – Let’s talk basketball

Despite numerous projects over the years, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has had a string of disappointments of late, with “Black Adam” being the highlight. Due to this very difficult time for the former wrestler He would have made a drastic decision to revive his career. But let’s just say his own fans are very worried about what’s next…

This isn’t the perfect time for Dwayne Johnson right now, which brings bad publicity with it. His bet with the film Black Adam ended in a violent failure in dark rooms while other actors attacked about his behavior behind the scenes. A new snub for the former wrestler, especially since he’s likely to play a big role in his upcoming film roles. But his latest decision had the gift of surprising the world.

Dwayne Johnson makes a drastic decision

Although he can already rule out the idea embody a mythical role, Johnson would have decided to return to the sources and attempt to climb the slope. The site The Wrap confirmed the information earlier this week: the actor will make his big comeback in the Fast and Furious saga, with a small appearance during the film, which hits theaters in France on May 17. He should return to his role full-time for Part 2, which begins filming a little later.

Dwayne Johnson will return as Hobbs in Fast X.

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It’s a totally unexpected decision, and for good reason: the actor is cold of Vin Diesel, the star of the saga. He had asked The Rock to return a while back, but The Rock had made it clear he didn’t want to go back to his agent “Hobbs” costume. He’s obviously changed his mind. The relationship between the two men was so strained (understand everything here) that during the filming of the previous works, everyone had to lead their own lives, so if the tensions were real. Also note that John Cena is implicated in this, although he and Johnson aren’t best friends either.

The Rock had left the saga for a few films to begin his own spin-off, Hobbs and Shaw. But given Black Adam’s failure, one has to assume that the prospect wants to find success again. Not enough to get fans excited though:

He’s going to ruin the franchise

He’s only coming back because his film Black Adam was a flop

Dwayne Johnson is truly back in the Fast and Furious saga. Except that with Vin Diesel and John Cena in the cast, the news may surprise the world, and not necessarily to everyone’s delight. The atmosphere promises to be on the set of upcoming films.