In Ukraine Macron is calling for a strategic leap Is

In Ukraine, Macron is calling for a “strategic leap”. “Is it our war or not? Can we turn away? I don’t believe that.” The video

“Who started the war in Ukraine? Who is threatening with nuclear weapons? Let’s make it clear what is happening in Europe.” With these words, French President Emmanuel Macron published a video on X of the press conference with his Czech counterpart in Prague. The number one at the Elysée Palace has “taken responsibility” for calling for a “strategic leap” by raising the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine and warning of the “spirit of defeat” that would follow lurking there.

“We can’t look away”

“Is it our war or not our war? Can we look away and think that things can move forward? “I don't think so, and that's why it's a strategic step that I asked for and that I fully accept,” said the French head of state. “We don’t want any escalation, we have never been belligerent,” emphasized Macron. Together with Czech President Petr Pavel, he also considered Prague's initiative to buy ammunition outside the European Union to support Ukraine “extremely useful.” And again addressing his European allies: “We are certainly approaching a moment for Europe when it will be necessary not to be cowards.”

France's strategic leap gets to the heart of the matter, including at the parliamentary level. Support for Kiev will be voted on in the Assembly on March 12 and in the Senate on March 13, parliamentary sources told AFP, while the head of state will receive party leaders this Thursday to discuss the situation in Ukraine. Russia said on Tuesday it had sent a fighter jet to intercept three French military planes approaching its border over the Black Sea, an action that highlights tensions with Paris in recent weeks.

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