Incredible case Woman fakes five pregnancies to avoid work and

Incredible case! Woman fakes five pregnancies to avoid work and defrauds Social Security

An unusual case that shook the social system to its foundations. A woman in Italy, whose identity remains confidential, caused a stir when it was revealed she faked five pregnancies and multiple abortions over a five-year period. He did this with the intention of shirking his professional responsibilities and unlawfully benefiting from social security benefits. This deception has not only provoked public outrage, but has also raised serious questions about the effectiveness of the controls in place in social security systems.

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How did the woman manage to deceive her employer?

The case, which has attracted international media attention, highlights the boldness with which the woman, a resident of Rome, ItalyShe manipulated evidence and documents to create a fictional reality that allowed her to live without work, relying on benefits provided to pregnant women in precarious situations. The conspiracy was discovered after a series of investigations that revealed the complexity and premeditation of his actions.

The 50-year-old protagonist built an alternative reality with meticulousness and care. In 2014 and 2019, she reported having five pregnancies and twelve abortions. Situation that caught the attention of National Institute for Social Prevention (INPS, abbreviation for English).

With the help of forged medical documents and a convincing account, the woman managed to convince her employer and social security on several occasions that she was pregnant. According to Italian media The RepublicAccordingly, the woman forged the signature of a gynecologist and the birth of her supposed five children. The media outlets mentioned above reported that the children's alleged names were Angélica, Abramo, Letizia and Ismaele.

To support his deception, he used apocryphal medical certificates and fabricated witness statements supporting his alleged pregnancy and subsequent loss of the babies. Through this careful deception, she not only managed to evade her professional responsibilities, but also received financial support for pregnant women in difficulty.

Incredible case Woman fakes five pregnancies to avoid work andThe woman's story has gained attention in various parts of the world because of the way she faked her pregnancies and abortions. Photo: Freepik

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Police looking for woman for social security fraud

The scale of the fraud has led to an intensive search by authorities. The police, in collaboration with the Social Securityhas begun an operation to locate and arrest the currently missing woman.

The investigation is focused on tracing the flow of documents and payments to find out how the deception was able to remain undetected for so long. According to the Italian police's investigation, it turned out that the woman did not act alone, but had her husband as an accomplice.

He INPS He accused the woman of fraud and blamed the costs that the company had invested in her alleged pregnancies. The estimated debt is 111,000 euros.

This case has highlighted the vulnerabilities of the system and the need to take stricter measures to prevent similar fraud cases in the future.

1708031718 343 Incredible case Woman fakes five pregnancies to avoid work andAccording to Italian media, the woman's identity was not revealed; However, they claim that her last name is Bendetta. Photo: Freepik