Indefensible the reason for Marie Anne39s departure – La Tribune

Indefensible: the reason for Marie-Anne's departure – La Tribune

This is because her interpreter, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, had to star in the film Belles-sœurs, which prevented her from continuing her work for the TVA daily newspaper. But rest assured, his character will be back before the end of the season.

The production took advantage of this temporary absence to bring a new lawyer, Kim Nolin (Julie Trépanier), into the law firm of Lapointe-MacDonald-Desjardins. After Marie-Anne's return, a certain rivalry could arise between the two colleagues.

A strange coincidence, since her STAT colleague Geneviève Schmidt had to say goodbye last fall for the same reasons after taking on the role of Germaine Lauzon in Belles-sœurs. The author Marie-Andrée Labbé then sent her character to work abroad.

We know that Mr. Richard Dubé, creator and co-writer of “Indefensible,” recently succumbed to a heart attack, leaving everyone around him in a state of shock, including his wife, series producer Izabel Chevrier. His funeral will also be celebrated on Friday.

The production team had already completed filming for this season. A third were confirmed by TVA.

Me Dubé, an outstanding criminal defense attorney, signed most of the scenes in court to ensure their credibility.

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