1704738531 Indefensible Who is holding Ines prisoner

“Indefensible”: Who is holding Inès prisoner?

But who is holding Inès (Nour Belkhiria) hostage in a dirty basement? Untenable? The young woman only has an old mattress and a bucket at her disposal; images of her are broadcast live into the dimly lit room.

Indefensible Who is holding Ines prisoner

The dark cellar where Inès is locked against her will. SCREENSHOT / QMI AGENCY

Three suspects were able to attack the young defense attorney, but viewers still have to be patient because they won't find out the identity of the villain until the end of the third episode, on Wednesday.

The kidnapper tortures Inès in his own way and refuses to show himself. The lawyer, for her part, visibly relaxes in the face of the total tension. Sometimes discouraged, sometimes angry, she tries to survive.

1704738515 0 Indefensible Who is holding Ines prisoner

Inès is given food and water, but doesn't know who is holding her hostage. SCREENSHOT / QMI AGENCY

The person holding her against her will could be Shawn Godin (Pierre-Paul Alain), Inès' client who was one of the last people to see her before her disappearance. Godin suffered from post-traumatic shock and killed one of his work colleagues in the Olympic Park.

1704738517 941 Indefensible Who is holding Ines prisoner

Could former soldier Shawn Godin (Pierre-Paul Alain), a particularly disturbed client of Inès, be linked to the young defense attorney's disappearance? SCREENSHOT / QMI AGENCY

Unless it is the dangerous postman Jérémie Martel (Lucien Ratio), who was accused of sexual crimes in the first season of the fiction produced by Pixcom. He and Inès crossed paths shortly before her kidnapping.

1704738519 215 Indefensible Who is holding Ines prisoner

The postman Jérémie Martel (Lucien Ratio) could also have confiscated Inès. SCREENSHOT / QMI AGENCY

This whole affair could also be the work of singer Louna Rose's (Roxane Bruneau) disturbing admirer, Mylène Kirouac (Rebecca Vachon), who now has her sights set on Inès.

1704738520 996 Indefensible Who is holding Ines prisoner

Unless it is the obsessive admirer Mylène Kirouac (Rebecca Vachon), who we see here talking to André (Michel Laperrière). SCREENSHOT / QMI AGENCY

One thing is certain: after watching this week's four episodes, which mark the court newspaper's return after the holiday break, Inès will have significant repercussions if she makes it through. The actress Nour Belkhiria also delivers powerful scenes and thus proves her great talent.

Worry in the office

Everyone in the office is worried about Inès, starting with André (Michel Laperrière), with whom she worked on Shawn Godin's case. Touching moments arise, including one in which André reveals himself to be Inès' father.

1704738522 781 Indefensible Who is holding Ines prisoner

Everyone in the office goes looking for Inès, including Léo (Sébastien Delorme) and André (Michel Laperrière). SCREENSHOT / QMI AGENCY

Everyone pitches in to find her, including her colleagues Léo (Sébastien Delorme) and Marie-Anne (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé), but also investigator Maxime (Mathieu Baron) and private detective Claude (Nathalie Madore). We will also meet Inès' father Lofti (Belkacem Lahbaïri), who, as you know, has already lost a daughter…

For her part, Marie-Anne remains upset about her recent miscarriage.

Child abuse and a new addition to the office

As life continues despite Inès' disappearance, Léo must defend the priest Martial Quintin (Benoit Brière), who is accused of abusing his children. He and his wife Myriam Ferron (Ingrid Falaise) accuse each other, forcing her to be represented by her own lawyer.

1704738524 25 Indefensible Who is holding Ines prisoner

The new addition to the company Lapointe, MacDonald & Desjardins, Me Kim Nolin (Julie Trépanier), does not let Léo (Sébastien Delorme) force him on him. SCREENSHOT / QMI AGENCY

To Léo's surprise, it is Kim Nolin (Julie Trépanier), a former intern at the company, who defends Ms. Ferron. We already know that at the end of this game, Me Nolin will join the firm Lapointe, MacDonald & Desjardins with Léo. Note that the children of the Quintin-Ferron couple will testify to the horror they experienced before Judge Hochu (Claire Gagnon), who, like us, will be shocked in our living rooms.

The daily Indéfendable airs Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m. on TVA and is back tonight.