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India collapses like a W 0 W 0 W 0 0 W 0 WW – ESPNcricinfo

The visitors were flying at 153 for 4. Then came the miraculous slip

ESPNcricinfo Staff03. January 2024 • 40 minutes ago

India collapses like a W 0 W 0 W 0KL Rahul was the first of three wickets to fall in an over off Lungi Ngidi Gallo Images/Getty Images

The oldest form of cricket seems tailor-made for the newest expression. Memes. And the first day of the match in Cape Town between India and South Africa was full of breathtaking action. It was “just like a wow”. But here the Ws just kept coming. South Africa were bowled out for 55 and soon after, India lost their last six wickets for zero runs. Here's how ESPNcricinfo's commentators recorded the amazing phase of the game.

33.1 Ngidi to Rahul, OUT

There's the edge! Free shot from Rahul and it's Ngidi's extra bounce that does the trick. Rahul couldn't resist going for the upper cut when he saw how short and wide it was, but the ball was just a bit too close for him. Rahul only managed very weak crosses to the goalkeeper.

Jadeja comes in and Ngidi throws around the wicket

33.2 Ngidi to Jadeja, no run

Jadeja comes next to the line and deflects this short ball throw into the offside.

33.3 Ngidi to Jadeja, OUT

Two in the over and it's the extra bounce that brings Jadeja down! In short, the ball ducks back frighteningly to surprise Jadeja. He can't suppress it and tries to get out of the way, but the ball jumps out of the glove as Jansen makes a good deep catch in the gully.

33.4 Ngidi to Bumrah, no run

Stands tall but manages to defend himself when he gets behind the line.

India's Fall of Wickets ESPNcricinfo Ltd

33.5 Ngidi to Bumrah, AUS

That's the third goal for South Africa and they storm back. In short, Bumrah doesn't get behind the line, is confused and the steep bounce takes over as the ball bounces off the bat's shoulder and into the deep.

33.6 Ngidi to Siraj, no run

Increases jump power and defends. Triple wicket over.

34.1 Rabada to Kohli, no run

Beaten. A long ball just outside the offside. Kohli goes for the drive and misses.

34.2 Rabada to Kohli, OUT

Kohli goes too! A long ball in the channel. He hesitantly pushes towards it, gets an outside edge that goes deep to second slip, where Markram completes a tumbling catch. Kohli waits near the boundary line; It looks like they are checking to see if the catch was clean. It was.

34.3 Rabada to Prasidh, no run

Fully outside. Directed to the rear point.

34.4 Rabada to Prasidh, OUT

Chaos. Chaos. Now an exit. A full ball all around. Prasidh pushes it towards middle. Siraj heads for a single but Burger catches the ball at short midwicket. Prasidh sends Siraj back but it is of no use. Burger takes a few steps towards the stumps and flicks the ball towards them to hit Siraj.

34.5 Rabada to Prasidh, OUT

Everything is over. India have lost their last six wickets without adding another run. Fully outside. Mukesh lets his bat out, gets an outside edge shot and Markram from the second slip hits another, leaping to the left and reaching it with both hands.