India39s 39Fighter39 rakes in 25 million worldwide Aquaman 2 Migration

India's 'Fighter' rakes in $25 million worldwide; “Aquaman 2”, “Migration”, “Beekeeper” reach new WW benchmarks – international box office – deadline

Fighter, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Migration, The Beekeeper at the box office


Update for the latest…: We're still in a waiting state for Hollywood at the global and international box office, even as existing releases continue to hit milestones on an offshore and worldwide basis. Meanwhile, “Anyone But You” saw gains overseas, and declines were good for others (including recent Oscar nominees). A new local entry, India's Fighter, made it to the top of the global weekend charts.

Among the latest Hollywood titles to set new standards, Miramax's “The Beekeeper” broke $100 million worldwide, Illumination/Universal's “Migration” passed $200 million and “Aquaman and the Warner Bros./DC's Lost Kingdom passed the $400 million mark (see below for more details).

According to comScore, Viacom 18/Marflix's Hindi aviation action film Fighter, directed by Pathaan director Siddharth Anand and starring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, is set to be a major new local entry, opening at $25.1 million worldwide ( including $4.3 million from North America). As always, it is difficult to ascertain concrete box office figures from India early in the process, but our sources put the figure at an estimated ₹120 crore (US$14.4 million). India after a weekend that also included the Republic Day holidays. In IMAX, Fighter grossed $1.4 million worldwide from 150 screens in 15 markets. With $575,000 at 27 in India, this is the format's fourth-biggest launch for a local title there.

After surpassing $100 million worldwide last weekend, Sony's “Anyone But You” became the highest-grossing R-rated romance film worldwide since “Bridget Jones' Baby” in 2016, rising 3 internationally this session %. The frame was good for $14.2 million in 48 markets. This brings with it the offshore cume $55.4 million and worldwide $126.6 million.

Italy opened into a strong one $1.2 million, the highest debut for a romantic comedy in the market since 2016 and director Will Gluck's biggest opening ever. Germany held the top spot in the second frame, rising 17%. MexicoThe second session of was also up compared to the start (+18%). In Australiathe Sydney Sweeney/Glen Powell star is still No. 1 after five frames.

The top 5 markets so far are Australia ($12.3 million), United Kingdom ($10.6 million), Germany ($5.6 million), Mexico ($3.6 million) and Netherlands ($3.1 million).

Added Miramax's The Beekeeper $10.9 million from 58 overseas markets in the session, which attracted international attention $61.9 million and with global reach $103.9 million. On a comparable basis (excluding China and Russia), the Jason Statham starrer is 24% ahead of Wrath of Man, 32% ahead of Plane and 30% ahead of the first John Wick. The IMAX total is $8 million worldwide.

Searchlight's Poor Things expanded into several new markets this session, earning 11 Oscar nominations $10 million a total of 36. The ongoing overseas cume is $26.3 million for $51.1 million global. The international decline was only 21%, with large holdings in Australia (+38%), Germany (+3%), Switzerland (+1%), Poland (+1%), Austria (-4%), Denmark ( -5). %), Belgium (-13%), Greece (-20%), France (-28%) and United Kingdom (-37%).

New introductions included Spain at No. 1 with $900,000, 37% ahead of director Yorgos Lanthimos' “The Favorite.” It was also the No. 1 non-local opening game in Italy ($2.1 million) and Japan ($700,000 including previews). In MexicoThe $1.6 million opening including previews was the second-largest opening ever for a Searchlight title, behind only The Shape of Water. It was the best opening for a Lanthimos film in any new market. Brazil and Korea are yet to be released.

Here are the top 5 so far: United Kingdom ($6.4 million), Greece ($2.8 million), France ($2.1 million), Italy ($2.1 million) and Australia ($2 million).

Other films that won an Oscar include Universal/Focus' “The Holdovers,” which fell just 14% in its, well, “holdover” markets. The current $11.9 million Overseas Cume is more than twice as high as Nebraska and Licorice Pizza at the same time in 28 markets and is in line with Lady Bird.

Christopher Nolan's “Oppenheimer,” fresh from his top 13 Oscar nominations, was officially re-released this weekend in over 2,700 locations abroad, including over 1,000 IMAX locations. The Universal film grossed $348,000 on Saturday, bringing its total offshore receipts to $627.3 million, beating Jurassic World Dominion ($627 million). This made it Universal's eighth biggest film of all time at the international box office (we will have the complete international film). and global weekend numbers tomorrow). Oppenheimer is estimated to have reached $187 million worldwide in IMAX through Sunday.

Warner Bros./Village Roadshow/Heyday Films' Wonka has released another film $7.8 million in 77 markets this weekend, down just 33%. The overseas cume is $356.9 million with $552 million global. The final market to be released on Wednesday this week is Korea.

Previous leaders are: United Kingdom ($75.7 million), France ($28.7 million), Mexico ($26 million), Australia ($24.5 million) and Germany ($22.9 million).

Warner Bros/DC's Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has surpassed $400 million worldwide after a six-week run. The weekend was worth it $7 million of 78 offshore markets for an overseas cume of $294.6 million and a global balance sheet of $412.7 million. China All leads play at $61.7 million, followed by Mexico ($21.8 million), France ($19.2 million), Germany ($16.1 million) and Brazil ($15.1 million).

Migration winged to another $5.2 million in 76 markets (-27%) to over $100 million internationally ($104.9 million) and $200 million worldwide ($206.1 million). Germany The animated title continues to perform strongly as it has now surpassed the lifetime of The Boss Baby while also performing better than Puss in Boots 2, Moana and Sing 2. These market leaders are all represented at $16.1 million, followed by France ($10.6 million), Australia ($9.6 million), Mexico ($8.3 million) and Spain ($4.9 million).

The migration will be joined by Great Britain on February 2nd and Japan on March 15th.

In China the local hit Johnny Keep Walking! has reached an estimated value of 1.09 billion RMB (US$152 million).

Mean Girls (PAR): $4.3 million weekend (22 markets); $22.6 million internally and $83.4 million worldwide
Wish (DIS): $4.2 million weekend (51 markets); $176.3 million internally and $239.8 million worldwide
The leftovers (UNI): $3.3 million weekend (28 markets); $11.9 million internally and $31.2 million worldwide
The colour purple (WB): $1.7M weekend (12 markets); $2.2 million internally and $62.2 million worldwide
Night swimming (UNI): $828,000 weekend (47 markets); $14.7 million internally and $41.5 million worldwide