Influencer gets married 17 days after first meeting oe24

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Internet star marries new lover in typical Las Vegas wedding.

It can happen so quickly! Love or carelessness? Weight loss influencer Julia Bottar (31) – known to her 473,000 Instagram followers as “Itsonlyme.julia” – also shares low-calorie diet tips on social media. Now she surprises her followers with an extraordinary message of love.

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Just 17 days after Julia met her new partner, businessman Philipp Erik Breitenfeld, they got married spontaneously in Las Vegas.

Julia told Bild: “We were traveling to Silicon Valley for work and had a stopover in Las Vegas. At this point, we had only been together for 10 days. One night at the hotel we looked at what we could do in our free time between seminars. In addition to a helicopter ride, we also discovered the possibility of getting married in Las Vegas.” She later says, “At first we laughed and joked about it, until he asked me what was wrong with that. I couldn't think of anything.”

© itsonlyme.julia/Instagram

A little later the wedding was scheduled. For Julia it was a blessing, even though her family couldn't be there. “There were no obligations to others! No endless planning and stressing about the wedding itself and making sure all the guests are happy. We were able to focus entirely on the two of us.”

It was a typical Las Vegas wedding – complete with an Elvis impersonator. Júlia: “It was so romantic! Whenever I had tears in my eyes, the Elvis impersonator made us laugh. I've been to a lot of weddings, but ours was perfect for us.”

Julia talks about her meeting with Philipp: “We were both self-employed and were members of an entrepreneurship club. We regularly did workshops there all over the world. At first we didn't notice each other, but then something woke up when he met me and asked for training for weight loss.”

Only now do the two plan to live together.