Instagram removes shopping tab from feed Escola Educacao

Instagram removes shopping tab from feed Escola Educação

The Buyer’s Guide is a great tool for anyone who wants to promote their store’s products in a more direct way Instagram. However, starting next month, Instagram will remove the Shopping tab from the main bar at the bottom of the screen. Follow the article and read more about this news.

What is the shopping guide?

The Buyer’s Guide is an Instagram tool that allows store owners to place links to their products in photos published on lining of the social network. Therefore, the function adds price tags with the value of each item to the image. That is, in this way it is possible for followers to buy these products without leaving the platform.

Shopping guides are displayed on your Instagram profile page, allowing users to see all products in one place. This is a great tool for retailers who want to promote their products more easily and directly.

Why is this tab being removed?

Instagram has announced that it will remove the shopping tab from the main bar at the bottom of the screen starting next month. The Reels tab, currently located in the middle of the navigation bar, replaces the Store tab.

In this way, the central icon becomes the creation icon. In fact, the goal of the platform with this change is precisely to focus more on content.

However, the company assured that even without the link in the feed, purchases will still be part of the platform. That means it is still possible to configure and manage your shop on Instagram. Additionally, in September last year, the company tested a main feed without a shopping button, saying the intention was to “simplify the Instagram experience” for users.