quotInstall defibrillators in the fields in Panamaquot Wish of the

"Install defibrillators in the fields in Panama": Wish of the fans after the death of Luis Tejada

Luis Tejada, striker who defended the colors of the Panama national team and various soccer teams, left this world at the age of 41, apparently due to cardiac arrest after playing a Veterans League game at Holy Librada. In this sense, the Panamanian Football Federation (Fepafut) dedicated an emotional post to him through social networks, in which fans also expressed their feelings about the unfortunate death of the popular “Pana”.

The first published information about the Tejada incident was reported by National Television (TVN). Minutes later, South American soccer teams and other sports institutions spoke about the sensitive death of the also remembered “matador,” whom some fans considered “the best number 9 in the Panama team.”

quotInstall defibrillators in the fields in Panamaquot Wish of theThe fans rate Luis Tejada as the best attacker the Panamanian team could have had. Photo: FEPAFUT/X/capture

“Installing defibrillators on fields in Panama”: This is how fans reacted after Luis Tejada’s departure

Fans from Panama and other countries remembered Luis Tejada for wearing the jerseys of the clubs they are fans of. Likewise, one of them called for “defibrillators to be installed” on the courts, even if it was played amateurishly, because “they can save lives.”

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1706513901 832 quotInstall defibrillators in the fields in Panamaquot Wish of theThis is one of the wishes of fans after the death of “Pana” Tejada at the age of 41. Photo: Fepafut/X/capture

Regarding the player's recognition, some fans suggested that the Panamanian federation “retire his number and put it at the top” to honor the striker's career and legacy.

1706513903 758 quotInstall defibrillators in the fields in Panamaquot Wish of thePanama fans expressed their feelings after the incident involving striker Luis Tejada. Photo: Fepafut/X/capture

“Leyenda”: ​​the emotional contribution that Fepafut dedicated to “Pana” Tejada

It was created as a tribute to him fuck off He published on his social networks a publication for Luis Tejada, who is highlighted as “a legend” and who “has always been and always will be the all-time goalscorer of the Caneleros”.

1706513906 60 quotInstall defibrillators in the fields in Panamaquot Wish of theFepafut paid a small tribute to Luis Tejada through social networks. Photo: Fepafut/X/capture

What did Panamanian player Luis Tejada die of?

According to journalist Álvaro Martínez, Luis Tejada would have died while playing a game in the Santa Librada Veterans League.

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“I was informed that Luis Tejada was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Unofficially, he experienced chest pains while playing in the Veterans League in Santa Librada. Apparently that was the case.” revitalizing in the ambulance,” the communicator stated via X.