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iPhone: the different solutions to backup your photos – Futura

An iPhone can easily be turned into a camera. In this way, the user can engrave their most beautiful moments and always have them at hand to review them again. They only want to save them for fear of losing them or for lack of space. How do you ? What solutions are there? Good news: depending on your preferences, there are several methods available to ensure they are safe. Via iCloud, directly on your computer or via an online storage service: find out how to save your precious memories.

Our iPhones have become true Swiss army knives: you can access our e-mails directly; keep us informed of current events; or high-quality alternatives to our internet boxes. As the years pass, their functionalities grow and evolve. But there’s one activity that consumers have been passionate about over the years: being able to capture their best moments. Once the photos and videos have been taken, the question arises: where and how do you save them? In fact, it will be a shame to see her memories disappear. Find out the different solutions to backup your photos with this guide.

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Like all smartphones, iPhones let you take photos and record videos. This allows consumers to preserve important memories. Eventually, the memory will be full. We must therefore find a way to recover this data before we lose it. Several means are available for this: on iCloud; on his computer or an external storage or an online storage service.

Back up photos to iCloud

Apple has thought of everything and offers its own storage service: iCloud. The latter automatically backs up your iPhone’s content when it’s connected via Wi-Fi. Still need to know how to do it. So if you want to back up your photos to iCloud, all you have to do is:

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone;
  • Click on your Apple profile;
  • Access the “iCloud” service;
  • Click “iCloud Backup” at the bottom of the page to make sure it’s active.
  • If you only want to back up your photos, go to the “iCloud” page once:

  • Choose “Pictures”;
  • Turn on Sync this iPhone.
  • Thus, your photos are automatically saved in your cloud.¬¬


    When buying an iPhone, the user automatically benefits from 5 GB of storage space on iCloud. If you want to increase this space you have to pay. Example: The 50 GB are billed at EUR 0.99 per month.

    Back up my photos to a computer or external storage

    If your iCloud storage space is already full or you want extra security, you have the option of backing up your memories directly to your computer. The steps are slightly different depending on whether you’re using a Mac or a PC.

    If you are on a Mac:

  • Connect your Mac and iPhone using your USB cable;
  • Unlock your iPhone;
  • “Trust this computer” message will appear on your iPhone screen. To continue, you must click on “Trust”;
  • The Photos application will open automatically (if not, open it manually);
  • The application will show an import screen with all the photos and videos on your iPhone (if not, go to the “Import” tab);
  • Select the photos you want to save;
  • Click Import All New Photos.
  • If you are on PC:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer;
  • Select it under “Computer”;
  • Click on “Apple iPhone” and then on “Internal Storage”;
  • In this folder, select “DCIM”;
  • Copy photos from your iPhone and paste them to your PC.
  • After the photos are imported to your computer, you can save them to a USB flash drive or external storage. To do this, all you have to do is connect your support and drag the photos into the folders.

    Back up my photos to an online storage service

    There are several online storage services available. This brings a good alternative for consumers. Among them, two stand out: Google Drive and Dropbox.

    Save my photos to Google Drive

    For this first solution you will need:

  • Download the Drive application to your iPhone;
  • Sign in with your Gmail account;
  • Go to Google Drive settings;
  • Click on the “Photos” section;
  • Enable auto save.

    For the backup to take effect, you must allow the Drive app to access your photos. To do this, go into your iPhone settings and enable access in the “Drive” application.

    Back up my photos to Dropbox

    Another alternative that has proven popular with many consumers is Dropbox. It works similar to Google Drive, you can save your photos but also any other documents you need.

    The following steps are as follows:

  • Download the application to your iPhone;
  • Login or create an account;
  • Open the folder where you want to save your photos;
  • Tap “+” at the bottom of the screen;
  • Select “Upload Photos”;
  • Choose the photos of your choice;
  • Click Next and then Set Location;
  • Press the “Transfer” button.
  • All selected photos will be saved in the application.

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