Iran drones against a military base Attack on a munitions

Iran, drones against a military base: Attack on a munitions production center. Riddles about the authors

The facility would have been the target of three drones shot down by the facility’s air defense system. Only caused “light damage to the roof”. In the same hours, a fire at an oil refinery

At 11:30 p.m. local time last night, a military base in Iran was attacked by three drones. The country’s news agencies were the first to report it, writing that a loud bang was heard first while an explosion occurred in the sky. The goal, it is said, would be an ammunition manufacturing center.

The videos, shown by local TV stations, show emergency vehicles and fire engines heading towards the base in the northern province of Isfahan, a city about 400 kilometers south of Tehran. Iran’s defense minister said the attack was “unsuccessful”: one drone was shot down by air defenses and two others exploded after being “attacked by a system of defensive traps.” There were no casualties or casualties, just “minor damage to the roof of the structure.” While the province’s deputy governor, Mohammad Reza Jan-Nesari, assured that “investigations into what happened are already underway”. The authorities did not want to specify what activities are taking place inside the military facility.

The Iranian agency IRNA wrote shortly afterwards that a fire had broken out in an oil refinery in the city of Tabriz, 600 kilometers north-west of the capital: one person had been injured because the causes of the fire had not yet been clarified and whether there was one there Connection to the attack on the Isfahan base. The regime’s state television broadcast images of firefighters working to put out the flames.

Iran has been supplying Russia with drones for months, which are then used on the front lines of the war in Ukraine, and is at the center of international tensions over its nuclear program. Several nuclear research centers are active in Isfahan province, including a plant for the production of enriched uranium.

In recent years, several Iranian military bases, nuclear power plants and industrial plants have been damaged by explosions and fires. Last July, the regime’s authorities announced the arrest of a team of saboteurs of Kurdish origin allegedly hired by Israel to blow up a defense industrial plant in Isfahan.

Iran was also hit by an earthquake measuring 5.9 in rural areas in the east of the country: three people were killed, more than 800 injured and many buildings damaged in several villages.

January 29, 2023 (change January 29, 2023 | 12:18)